Typical American Christian seeking truth. Hindered by tradition and beliefs ingrained since birth, I wade through the worldview I was brought up into and struggle to find truth through the unabridged teachings of Jesus and others who exemplify the teachings of Christ whether a follower or not. Helped along by others I hold in the highest regard as true emulators of our faith. I am a Husband to my amazing wife who has expanded my worldview to view others regardless or race or  creed and father to my beautiful daughter. I only hope my journey will lead me further to an understanding of what it is to be human in a world where humanity is scarce; especially among fellow believers and people who profess to be fellow believers. I by no means believe I have all the answers, far from it actually but desire none the less to discover truth . I invite others to join me on such a seemingly fruitless endeavor , especially those  who have experienced a similar upbringing as mine full of false truth. Where love is to hate and to be strong is to fear, which I’m sure manyregardless of religion or cultural bubble find themselves one way or another trapped within


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